Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goat Transport and Real Border Collie Work

I have run across a couple of things recently on my blog visits that I just have to share.

Unfortunately, I can't remember where the first photo came from, but it reminded me so much of my days in Ghana, West Africa, that I had to save it. Goats roam freely everywhere you go. The Ghanaians transported them any way they could and you see goats tethered on the roofs of buses and tanker trucks. Any of you with goats ought to appreciate this photo.

Next, I have long wanted to attend a sheep dog trial, but we simply don't have any near enough for us to attend. Then I visited Susanne Iles' blog at from County Cork, Ireland. She has flocks of sheep roaming the farms all around her place (and sometimes in her garden), and the shepherds still use dogs to move the flocks. She has a wonderful site with photos, and she posted the following footage of shepherding from Wales. It's worth a look:

Hope you enjoyed them.


  1. That goat tied to the bicyclist-too funny!

  2. Kevin the goat keeps trying to jump on my head. Perhaps he wants to ride around up there while I do my chores. heh heh

  3. Thats hilarious! Where do you live in Wisconsin? I may have asked you that before, my aunt and uncle lived in Rhinelander, my uncle worked as a conservation officer. It's so beautiful in Wisconsin!!!!

  4. Sue: Tied? I prefer to think of him as hanging on for dear life.

    Pricilla: Hey Kevin. Ride 'er Cowboy! I want a picture of that chore day.

    Wilmoth Farms: We are about twenty miles due east of Rhinelander, half way between Monico and Crandon. It is a little piece of Paradise and we feel lucky to be here.

    Glad you all found these items to be as amusing as I did.

  5. That goat tied to the bicyclist-too funny!
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