Friday, May 15, 2009

Lessons Taught by a Camel

June 6, 02

  1. Camels don't gallop along with the horses, they sort of galumph... all legs, neck, flubber-hump and thunder. (Our sighting of this for the first time caused me quite a bit of concern that my mother-in-law and wife were beginning to show signs of Grave's disease -- primarily presenting with a cold sweat and exophthalmia. My wife is now reporting having had her first ever camel nightmare, but would not elucidate further.)
  2. A very special camel loves to have his halter taken off.
  3. A particularly stubborn camel does NOT like to have his halter put back on.
  4. Camels have a surprising ability to easily and quickly wrap their jaws around a human knee.
  5. Camels can bite HARD.
  6. #5 actually proved to be a somewhat miraculous (albeit temporary) antidote to lingering muteness induced by botox injections of the vocal cords.

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